About Anagora

Anagora is an image stock indexing and search service for the freelance illustrator and photographer. Anagora provides on-line space for artists to store their stock and a search engine that art buyers across the globe can access to discover the most relevant image for their creative project.
With Anagora the artist retains full control over his/her stock :

Anagora inSiteTM &ndash personal search

Anagora inSiteTM delivers the power of Anagora to individual artists' websites though a personalized search bar that is dedicated for a given artist or group of artists. Artists or agents can add Anagora inSiteTM to their own website to provide their visitors with a dedicated stock search engine.

Getting started

Creating a free account only takes a few seconds. You can then start uploading your stock.
You don't have to be an artist to create an account, everybody is welcome. We will keep you informed of our innovations. In a near future, you will be able follow artists of your choice, share that great image with your friends or leave your comments.